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Specialised Products and Technology Offerings

 Signature Measurement & Electronic Warfare

 Target / Intruder Tracking & Targeting

 Surveillance & Observation

 Portable Digital Video Recording / Data Storage

 Airborne Imaging & Signature Measurement

 IR Engines & OEM Modules

 Cyber Forensic Imports & Training

Aerospace, Defence, Safety & Security

 Thermal Imaging & Process Control

 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Stress Analysis

 Mechanical Testing

 Research, Development & IR Signature Analysis

 Instrumentation & Software

Consultancy, Research, Development & Industrial Processes

 Portable Digital Video Recording

 Storage and playback of music, video and images

 Cyber Forensic Imports & Training

 Data Storage & Backup

 Password Recovery

Lifestyle, Multimedia & IT

 Cedip Infrared Systems (France) - Sole regional agent

Text Box: Archos Portable Multimedia Devices (France) - Archos Reseller
Text Box: Polytech Airborne Imaging (Sweden) - Sole regional agent

Application Market Sectors:

Consultancy, Research, Development & Industrial Processes

Aerospace, Defence, Safety & Security

Lifestyle, Multimedia & IT

Product Listings:

Text Box: Thermography & Industrial Products
Text Box: Thermal Imaging & Security Products
Text Box: All Airborne / Gimbal Products

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Text Box: Portable Multimedia and Digital Video Recorders

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Text Box: Software Toolkits - Forensic, Password, Decrypt, Analyse
Device Seizure - Write blockers, Drives, Interfaces
Courses & Training

 Jaume Electronic Support & Consultation CC (South Africa)

JESC is the Certified Reseller of Forensic Hardware, Software and Training.