FC LogCon - Terms & Conditions

Client’s Personal and Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance?

Loire, France

All travelers are advised to and are solely responsible to take out comprehensive travel insurance and to familiarise themselves with any exceptions and conditions as may be imposed by the insurance company or underwriters issuing the policy of insurance which they select.


FC LogCon shall not be responsible or liable:

¨ for any information which it or its representatives furnish in relation to travel insurance; or

¨ for filing, processing and / or prosecuting a claim on the traveler's behalf against any insurer / underwriter who has issued a policy to the traveler;

¨ for any claim disputed and/or rejected by the insurers.

FC LogCon and its sub-contractors shall not be responsible for any rerouting, delays or cancellations imposed by the airlines.

What’s safer than flying kites?

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Medical cover?

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