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Large fixed-wing transport deploys IR countermeasures

Text Box: FC LogCon frequently provides specialised technology, consultancy services and logistic support, with an emphasis on applications involving infrared radiometry, thermal imaging, camouflage, surveillance, counter-surveillance,  electronic warfare (EW), field-trials and deployments:


François Collin has been involved in several aspects of thermal imaging, radiometry and general electro-optic technology since 1989, with a strong emphasis on:

¨ (R&D) Research & Development,

¨ (T&E) Test & Evaluation,

¨ Measurement & Field Trials. 

Text Box: FC LogCon can source and/or supply Specialised Equipment for:
Text Box: Signature Measurement
Target / Intruder Tracking
Surveillance & Observation
Airborne Imaging
Portable Digital Video Recording
Cyber Forensic Imports
Data Storage & Backup
Password Recovery


The list of clients shown below on the right is for illustration purposes only, and is not a complete activity record.


The nature of the projects undertaken, may be such that they are Classified, or Client Confidential, and no details may be provided.

Text Box: Defence & Security
Text Box: FC LogCon arranges R&D Consultancy Services in the fields of:
Text Box: Visible Camouflage & Surveillance
NIR / IR Camouflage & Surveillance
IR Signature Measurement
IR Signature Reduction
IR Electronic Warfare (IR EW)
Test Range Infrastructure 
Test Planning and Specification
Cyber Forensics & Training
Text Box: Shephard EW 2005 Conference 
London, UK
Text Box: FC LogCon arranges Logistic Support & Business Services in the fields of:
Text Box: Field Trial Technical Support
Field Test Infrastructure - Supply
Test Planning & Design Specialists
Transport & Accommodation
Interpreters & Support Personnel
Cyber Forensics & Training  
Text Box: Thermal Imager demonstration to anti-poaching unit.  SA

Track Record

The following companies specialise in R&D, T&E and Projects in Aerospace & Defence.  François has produced deliverables for these end-users, either as agent, supplier, project subcontractor, or main contractor through FC LogCon. (*)


South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

including various current and previous business units:

Aerotek - Aeronautical Systems Technology,

Defencetek - Defence Technology,

Textek - Textile Technology,

Mattek - Materials Technology,

DPSS - Defence, Peace, Safety & Security

NLC - National Laser Centre.


South African National Defence Force

previously known as South African Defence Force, SADF.


South African Air Force.

¨ Armscor

Armaments Corporation of South Africa.

¨ Denel

South African Parastatal Armaments Manufacturer,

including various current and previous business units:

Somchem, Swartklip, Kentron, Eloptro, Mechem, Atlas, LIW, Irenco, Cumulus, OTB, Aerospace Systems, Optronics.


South African Bureau of Standards.

¨ Agusta-Westland

Manufacturer of Rotor-Wing Aircraft - Italy.

¨ Pains-Wessex

Now known as Chemring Countermeasures - UK.

¨ Avitronics



Institute for Maritime Technology.

EW field trial deployment, with CSIR & SAAF in the Infrared Mobile Laboratory (IRML).

Camouflage & Signature Management research, on an AFV.

Atmospheric UV Transmission research, as basis for a MAW development.

(UV Missile Approach Warner)

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