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Zania Collin

Text Box: FC LogCon provides specialised technology products, as well as consultancy services and logistic support, focusing on issues related to Corporate Governance and Business Services such as Surveillance and Cyber Forensics.


Zania Collin worked for 11 years in a legal environment at the CSIR, a parastatal, and South Africa’s leading research organisation, where she performed paralegal work.

She resigned from CSIR in 2002, and since then has become involved in various aspects of Corporate Governance, and has acquired an in-depth working knowledge of the special issues affecting PFMA LISTED PUBLIC ENTITIES such as:

Text Box: Corporate Governance Consultancy
Text Box: FC LogCon offers its services directly, or through its network of accredited service providers:
Text Box: Verification of Compliance with
Presenting Courses / Workshops
Starting up of companies
Statutory requirements
Compiling Policies
Supply Chain Management (Procurement)
Human Resources
Employment Equity
Financial Management
Anti-Fraud & Corruption
Occupational Health & Safety
General Office Practice
Text Box: FC LogCon offers Logistic Support & Business Services directly, or through  accredited and/or registered service providers in the fields of:
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Venues & Catering
Interpreters & Translators 
Support & Admin Personnel 
Import, Export and Supply of Specialised Equipment
Cyber Forensics 
Courses & Workshops
Marketing & Event Support
Text Box: Marketing & Event Support.
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Track Record

Presenting an Information Session


¨ SERA (Pty) Ltd (Southern Education Research Alliance a subsidiary of the CSIR);

¨ Snowden Mining Industry Consultants (Pty) Ltd (a subsidiary of the CSIR);

¨ Snowden Training (Pty) Ltd (a subsidiary of the CSIR);

¨ Motherwell Marketing (Pty) Ltd (a subsidiary of the CSIR);

¨ PPT (Pty) Ltd (a subsidiary of the CSIR);

Zania has produced deliverables for a wide variety of clients, either as agent, supplier, project subcontractor, or main contractor through FC LogCon. (*)


The list of clients shown below on the right is for illustration purposes only, and is not a complete activity record.


The nature of the projects undertaken, may be such that they are Classified, or Client Confidential, and no details may be provided.

The list below includes clients for whom Zania has provided Corporate Governance Services since joining FC LogCon in 2002, as well as clients for whom FC LogCon has  provided Business Services and / or Products.

FC LogCon has an established client-base in the South African Corporate Governance sector, that ranges from private enterprises to government owned public entities.

¨ The Innovation Hub Management Company (Pty) Ltd   (a subsidiary of Blue IQ Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd - a Gauteng Provincial Government Project);

¨ The Innovation Hub Investments (Pty) Ltd;

¨ The Innovation Hub Incubator (Pty) Ltd;

¨ The Innovation Hub Property Owners Association (a Section 21 Company);

¨ The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA);

¨ Treasury Regulations;

¨ Treasury Practice Notes;

¨ Public-Private Partnerships (PPP’s).

¨ The Companies Act;

¨ Director’s Responsibilities;

¨ The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA);

¨ The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PROATIA);

¨ The Basic Conditions of Employment and Labour Act;

¨ The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA);

¨ And BEE Codes.

Zania has an in-depth working knowledge of general statutory issues relevant to ALL companies and close corporations such as:

Occupational Health & Safety.

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