Specialised Consultancy Services

FC LogCon can arrange for Specialised Scientific & Consultancy Services in the fields of:

¨ Visible Camouflage & Surveillance

¨ NIR / IR Camouflage & Surveillance

¨ IR Signature Measurement

¨ IR Signature Reduction

¨ IR Electronic Warfare (IR EW)

¨ Test Range Infrastructure

¨ Test Planning and Specification

¨ Cyber Forensics

Aerospace, Defence & Security

FC LogCon arranges practical courses, training seminars, and technology awareness briefings, including market intelligence and information gathering services.

FC LogCon has an extensive network of technical domain specialists, and well equipped service providers that can be contracted to provide the necessary skills, equipment, facilities and  capabilities.

Information published at this Site may refer to products, programs or services that are not available in your country. 

Please note that all Dual-Use or Defence related Sales, Services and Technology Transfers are subject to export restrictions.  For more information see: FC LogCon’s terms & Conditions