Europcar Rental Conditions

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Conditions are subject to change without prior notice:

FC LogCon provides the full range of vehicles from the Europcar fleet at very competitive unlimited mileage rates.

Contact us for special offers and updated rental conditions.

Conditions of Rental applicable to South Africa & Namibia:

Unless otherwise specified

Vehicles are rented subject to Europcar’s standard terms and conditions as reflected on the Europcar Rental Agreement and Passport and are subject to change without notice.

Contract Fee

A Contract Fee of R30 per rental applies. For Classic and Classic Plus this will be charged directly to the client at point of rental.  For Classic Max and Classic Platinum this fee is incorporated in the rate.

No Show Fee

A No Show Fee of 1 day’s rental will apply based on the extension rates.


The following rental deposits are required at the start of the rental:


 - CLASSIC                                               R5500                                        Namibia   N$7500

 - CLASSIC PLUS                                  R1000                                        Namibia   N$1000

 - CLASSIC MAX                                     R1000                                        Namibia   N$1000


Cancellation fee

A cancellation fee will apply when the customer returns the vehicle earlier than stipulated on the voucher. The number of rental days reflected on any specific voucher will be billed to the Tour Operator, irrespective of whether the renter curtails the rental before the termination date. A cancellation fee equivalent to (1) one day rental charge will be levied on all refund applications. Refunds must be requested by the Tour Operator. There are no cancellation fees if  reservations are cancelled before the rental date. (NOT APPLICABLE TO CLASSIC PLATINUM PRODUCT)

Fuel Purchase Option

A full tank of fuel can be purchased at point of rental at the prevailing fuel price.

No refunds are due on termination of the rental.   This added benefit eliminates fuel queries and disputes for Classic and Classic Plus clients.


Fuel may not be purchased by credit card at petrol stations.

Petrol is not included in the rates unless specified.  Each Europcar vehicle leaves with a full tank and the renter pays for refuelling on return.

Each vehicle is refuelled on termination regardless of whether the fuel gauge indicates that the vehicle is full, as vehicles refuelled at independent fuel stations are not guaranteed to be filled to capacity.

Extension of Rental

If the renter wishes to extend the rental beyond the original return date, authorisation must be obtained from Europcar.  Failure to do so will result in Europcar reporting the car stolen and immediately negates all cover.

Penalties may be incurred.


A valid voucher and credit card or cash (for additional charges) must be produced at point of rental.

Accepted credit cards are Visa, Mastercard and Diners.  No Debit Cards, including Maestro and Electron, are accepted.

A credit card is not required for Classic Platinum clients.

Rental Period

The daily rates are calculated strictly in cycles of 24 hours, from time of pick up to time of drop off.

The renter will be billed directly for additional rental days at extension rates, should the vehicle be returned late.

Rental Requirements

The client would be required to supply the following:-


Credit card (excl. Classic Platinum clients)

Name, address and telephone number

Local contact details

A valid unendorsed driver’s licence and passport

E-mail address


No voucher – no car

Service Providers

Europcar cannot be held accountable for any Service Providers service failures.

Frequent Flyer

Clients do not qualify for Frequent Flyer miles on Tour Operator rates.

Traffic Fines

Should the Renter disobey a traffic regulation which results in a fine, such amounts will be debited to the client’s credit card.  A handling fee of R350 will be levied unless traffic fine insurance has been purchsed. Please note that traffic fines can take up to 3 years to receive and charge.  Excludes Classic Platinum clients.


Should a vehicle be returned with excessive dirt, it will be valeted and a minimum charge of R350 will be billed directly to the client’s credit card.

Claim Handling Fee

A claim handling fee of R400 applies to all rentals unless it is included in the rates (specified) in the event of damage or theft.

Driving requirements:

Licence Requirements

A valid unendorsed driver’s licence is required.

Whilst driving, the clients are required to have a valid unendorsed driver’s licence in their possession at all times.

Driver’s Age

Minimum age is 21 years, no maximum age.

Please refer to Young Driver details.

Young Driver

Applies to renters under the age of 21, provided that they have been in possession of a valid unendorsed driver’s licence for at least 2 years.  South African Residents must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Country Charge per Young Driver per Day


South Africa                                                                    R 110.00

Namibia                                                                           N$130.00


Always drive on the left hand side of the road.

Seat Belts

It is compulsory to wear seat belts at all times.

Speed Limits

Urban Areas (residential and town)                    60 km/h

Rural Areas                                                              100 km/h                

Highways                                                                                    120 km/h

The recommended speed limit for travelling on gravel roads is 50 km/h

Roadside Support:

Contact Europcar on the emergency toll free number 0800 011 344 (South Africa only).  Please refer to the Europcar Travellers Companion for further contact details.

If the client has not taken advantage of our Free Mobile Phone Rental Offer, emergency SOS telephones are conveniently located on most major highways (South Africa only).

Client is not to replace or repair any vehicle parts unless authorised by Europcar in writing.

What to do in the event of accidents/theft

Contact Europcar immediately on 0800 011 344.

A full report must be made at the nearest Police Station within 24 hours where an accident has occurred and 6 hours in case of theft.

A case number must be obtained.

The Europcar Passport

A comprehensive handbook containing all documents and information required during your rental with Europcar in South Africa or Namibia.  The Passport includes a pre and post rental inspection document for the client’s protection and convenience, which should be kept in the vehicle’s glove compartment.  A Travellers Companion is provided free of charge and contains detailed road and city maps.


Europcar does not cover water and under carriage damage unless specified.


Waivers – Classic, Classic Plus and Classic Max

Damage and Theft waivers are included in the rates.  Please refer to your rate grids for details of exactly what is included and excluded.  Waivers must not be regarded as insurance.  When waivers are purchased (normally included in wholesale rates) Europcar’s right to recover the total damage or loss amount is waived.

It is essential that Europcar is advised of which option the client has purchased at time of reservation.  This must be clearly stipulated on the voucher.  Rate codes must always be used.

Cross Border Excesses

Responsibilities/Excesses of the country in which the accident/theft occurs will apply regardless of the country in which the rental commenced.  An excess is applicable to cross border into Botswana and Mozambique.

Personal Accident Insurance


PAI is included in the rates.  All the occupants in the vehicle are collectively covered for death and disability up to a maximum of R25,000 and medical expenses up to R2,500 per incident.

Third Party

Europcar provides third party liability cover to the value of 100,000,000 Euros.  This policy is underwritten by Regent Insurance.

Third Party Claims

When an accident occurs and a third party is involved (regardless of fault), the following information is needed.  Please note that if the information is not accurate or detailed, your waivers will be negated.

Either a passport or ID (South African clients) number is needed

Mobile or land line number

Physical address

E-mail address (if possible)

The location of the police station where the accident was reported, with the telephone number of the station.

Police case number

If insured, the name of the underwriter and policy number if possible.

Full and accurate description of the accident with an explanatory sketch.

If for any reason it is found that the details provided are not truthful and liability is turned, we will find it fraudulent and you will be liable for all costs of both vehicles.

Third Party costs could be billed up to 3 years after the incident and can take up to 5 years to recover.

If an amount (excess) has been billed and the accident was caused by a third party, the amount will only be refunded if our claim is successfully recovered and once we can confirm the payment in our bank account.


Factors that could negate all cover unless otherwise specified

Gross or criminal negligence.

No other vehicle involved in the collision unless exceptional circumstances apply (excl. Classic Platinum).

Unauthorised drivers, i.e. names of additional drivers are not listed on the Rental Agreement (excl. Classic Platinum).

Not obtaining authorisation from Europcar to extend the rental. (excl. Classic Platinum).

Not reporting damage to Europcar immediately. (excl. Classic Platinum).

Not adhering to traffic, road and driving rules and regulations (excl. Classic Platinum).

Driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances.

Unsuitable driving or road conditions. (excl. Classic Platinum).

Unauthorised cross border rentals. (excl. Classic Platinum).

Not being able to produce keys in case of theft unless exceptional circumstances apply (excl. Classic Platinum).

Not reporting exact details of the last known location of the vehicle prior to theft. (excl. Classic Platinum).

Not reporting the loss to Europcar within 6 hours. (excl. Classic Platinum).

Repairs to the Europcar vehicle without written authorisation.

Cross Border Travelling:

Useful Information:

Government Tax

Tax is included in the rates, but may be subject to change in accordance with Government Legislation, in which case rates will be adjusted accordingly.

Safety Tips

Always park in a safe designated area.

Ensure that the doors and boot are locked when the vehicle is left unattended.

Do not hand the vehicle keys over to anybody apart from a Europcar representative otherwise all cover will be negated.

Keep all doors locked whilst driving.

Do not leave valuables in the vehicle.

Toll Roads – South Africa

Toll costs range from around R2.00 to R70.00.

Visitors must ensure that they have South African currency available as toll roads are found on most of the major routes.


Some toll roads accept credit cards.

A letter of authorisation must be requested at the time of reservation for all cross border travelling.

Europcar will not be held responsible if a client is refused entry into another country.

Specific cross border information can be obtained from Europcar’s Central Reservations Office.

All vehicles entering Namibia will have to pay a Cross Border Charge. 

A Cross Border Certificate will be issued by the Namibian authorities.

All cross border documentation is to be left in the glove compartment or handed to a Europcar representative.

A penalty fee of up to R5,000 may be levied if the documentation is not produced/found.

Cross Border Excess and one way  fees will be charged regardless of what package the client has prepaid for.

DELIVERY AND COLLECTION – Classic, Classic Plus and Classic Max

One-way rentals:



For rentals terminating at a location that is a distance of 150 kilometres or more away from the original renting branch a one way fee applies.  (Varies with distance and location)

These charges do not apply to Classic Platinum.


Charges apply - as per quote.



For rentals terminating at a location that is a distance of between 150 and 350 kilometres away from the renting location a charge of N$1000 applies.  Where the distance is between 350 and 500 kilometres, N$1,400 will be charged.  Where the distance exceeds 500 kilometres a minimum of N$1,800 will be charged.


Charges apply - as per quote.

24 Hour Service

To ensure peace of mind, Europcar is available to assist our renters

24 hours a day – 0800 011 344 (South Africa only)

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The Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund was founded by our former President, Dr Nelson Mandela soon after South Africa’s first truly democratic election in 1994.   It was his personal response to the deprivation that poverty and inequality had inflicted on South Africa’s children.


He committed one third of his annual salary for the duration of his term of office to The Fund.  As one of the official sponsors, Europcar continues to keep his dream alive by donating a percentage of the revenue earned from each rental towards The Fund.


Our active participation in the distribution of the funds ensures that good governance is applied and that the resources are well managed. Projects are aimed towards developing life skills and thus contributing towards the future of our land.


Through your patronage and commitment, Nelson Mandela’s vision of repairing our countries social and economic circumstances through our children, will be sustained.


Europcar has now achieved presidents club status with the fund and is the only travel and tourism organisation contributing to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

From South Africa

From Namibia

Vehicles are allowed into Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland

 and Mozambique.

Vehicles are allowed into Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique

Vehicles are not allowed into Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Vehicles are not allowed into Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The following exceptions apply:

The following exceptions apply:

South Africa to Botswana, Mozambique & Namibia – All vehicles except

Namibia to Botswana and Mozambique – All vehicles except

Groups C, F, G, H, O and E.

Groups C, F, G, H, O and E.

A non refundable fee of R1,000 will be levied for vehicles crossing into


A non refundable fee of N$1,000 will be levied for vehicles crossing into Mozambique.



Additional Driver Surcharges


All additional charges are billed directly to the client.




COUNTRY                                                      CHARGE PER RENTAL PER DRIVER


South Africa                                                                                           R    120.00


Namibia                                                                                               N$  120.00


South Africa


OFFICE HOURS  :  25 kilometres or less, R130

                             26 kilometres or more, R4.80 per kilometre

OFFICE HOURS  :  Within city limits, N$130

                             Outside city limits, N$4.80 per kilometre


                            :   25 kilometres or less, R260

                             26 kilometres or more, R4.80 per kilometre


                             Within city limits, N$260

                             Outside city limits, N$4.80 per kilometre














Children aged 0-5 years




R130.00 per rental

R550.00 per rental

Not available


N$130.00 per rental

N$550.00 per rental

N$150.00 per rental